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Intro to Interactive Media

Final Project: Design and Develop an Online Magazine

Final Project: Create an online magazine

DUE: 8 a.m., Friday, May 2

Value: 400 points

For the final project you will create an online version of the magazine Homefront. You will be provided with a PDF version of the print magazine as well as the basic assets you will need for the online version.

Your final project should demonstrate a comprehensive menu of Web and multimedia production skills commensurate with what you learned during this course. The expectation is this site should be professional and at a level it could be presented to a national publisher for consideration of distribution.


After evaluating the assets, decide which content you want to use and how to categorize it. Create a site map that shows your site’s architecture. Create a design for the site, considering all the major design principles we have discussed in class (e.g. layout, typography, colors, elements of CRAP design). Make a color comp for the site’s homepage for both a large screen and a mobile screen. Edit this undeveloped WordPress _tk-1.0_starter_theme to build your website. (Click here to learn more about this starter theme.)

The site must have a visually appealing and usable web design. Other requirements:

  • Choose at least 16 text stories, with appropriate bylines, divided into categories for navigational purposes
  • Photo(s) should accompany every story, with appropriate captions and credit lines
  • Create 2 Interactive Graphic using Free Tools (we will have a lecture about this)
  • Edit CSS and HTML to reflect your design. You can choose to keep the same look and feel as the Homefront print magazine or create a completely different look and feel.
  • Include a “contact” menu item and page.
  • Include a link to a downloadable PDF version of the print magazine
  • Include an “about” page that contains:
    • a description of the magazine
    • magazine and site credits

In addition, the site also will be evaluated for the effectiveness of:

  • Presentation and editing decisions
  • Information architecture/site structure/navigation
  • Aesthetic design choices
  • Creativity and innovation

Here is the final_project_rubric for you to view .

It will be up to you to decide on the content categories/navigation for your site. You will want to consider all content available and divide it into a logical structure. You also are welcome to use additional assets you collect and/or create. For content used with permission by the creator(s), you must credit the material within the site element where it is used or note the credits on the site’s “about” page.  NOTE: Be sure to complete required elements before incorporating extras.

Your site should be posted at the following address:


You should submit your final project by emailing me the link to your website, a PDF of your color comps, and your site map (in whatever digital format you choose). Again, this project is due by 8 a.m. Friday, May 2.

This is your last opportunity to show me you have mastered the concepts taught in class. This project is challenging. We will have several lab days in class to work on this. Do not put this project off until the last minute. I suggest you follow the time frame listed below to avoid failure.

Suggested time frame:

  • Complete site map and wireframe by 4/1
  • Complete responsive color comps by 4/3
  • Complete responsive, static homepage by 4/8
  • Build WordPress theme by 4/22 (This includes editing the layout and css. This is our last week of class, so you will not have anymore class time to ask questions.)
  • Insert all content by 4/29 (Don’t forget about your own content – two graphics from Steven King’s lecture)
  • Bugs fixed and published by 5/2

Check out examples of this project from last semester’s students:

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