j187 | IIM

Intro to Interactive Media

Your overall grade for this course will be based on the following components.

  • Daily Lab Assignments (20-100 points each)
  • Weekly Quizzes (10-50 points each)
  • Multimedia Review (100 points)
  • 3 major projects (100 points each)
  • Final Project (400 points)

Your end-of-semester grade will be calculated as follows. Please note that the instructor does reserve the right to curve class grades at the end of the semester.

Point range
930-1000 | A
900-929 | A-
885-899 | B+
830-884 | B
800-829 | B-
785-799 | C+
730-784 | C
700-729 | C-
685-699 | D+
630-684 | D
600-629 | D-
599 and below F
On three occasions during the semester you will be assigned projects that will require you to create an original Web site or  animation. More information about these projects will be provided during class.
In class Exercises and Quizes

In-class exercises will cover the reading assignments and issues pertaining to the particular week’s lessons. You always will be able to use your notes and textbook to complete the exercises, so be sure to bring them to class everyday.  Some of these assignments may count as a quiz grade.

You also will have unannounced more traditional quizzes on reading assignments throughout the semester. If you keep up with the reading assignments, the quizzes will be easy to complete.

Multimedia Review
At least once during the semester you be asked to present a professional multimedia project of your choosing to the class and lead a discussion about it.  More specifics about the requirements this presentation will be provided during the second week of class.
Final Project
The final project should demonstrate a comprehensive menu of Web design and multimedia production skills commensurate with what you learned during this course. The same grading criteria used for exams and other assignments submitted during the semester will be used when evaluating your final project. Additional information about required elements will be provided during class.