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Intro to Interactive Media

Project 3 – Design and develop a personal portfolio website


Project three: Build a personal portfolio Website using a WordPress template

Value: 100 points

Complete project due: By midnight, Wednesday, Nov 5th

The goal of this assignment is to challenge you to create a well designed, easy-to-navigate, flawlessly scripted multi-page personal portfolio Website using WordPress. The purpose of the site is to sell yourself to potential employers.

Find a WordPress template to base your site on good design concepts and edit as you need to match your design and style.  Do a Google search for “free wordpress templates” to find a free one or one available for purchase.

You will not be given any assets for this project. You are required to link to the “Project Two” static site you developed for this class and at least three (and hopefully many more than three) other pieces of work you have completed during your college career.  These can be written stories, photos, photo stories, graphics, designs, multimedia pieces, press releases, ads, etc.

You will post your site at the following address. (Note, this is your main website URL.)


It will be up to you to decide on the categories for menu items on your site that direct users to your work.  For example, if you are a journalist, you may categorize your work into “stories,” “photos,” and “Web design.”  If you are a graphic designer you may want to divide your work into  “print design” and “Web design.”

In addition to the navigation categories for your work, you also are required to have:

  • A home page that clearly describes or portrays the purpose of your site and includes a logo or some type of unique branding.
  • An easy way to contact you (you might search for a WordPress plugin for a contact form).
  • Must use a plugin
  • A resume menu item/page that includes a link to a printable PDF of your resume.

Creativity and design are important, as are consistency and appropriateness of the template chosen. Unlike in past projects, you will be evaluated on content in addition to sound web design and development. In addition to the quality and appropriateness of the content, you will be evaluated on spelling and grammar. Be sure to proofread your work.

You can check out the following two examples of portfolio sites created by previous students.




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