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Intro to Interactive Media

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The world of web development, especially in the news and media world is changing rapidly and we must not only change with it but lead the change. There is now browser support for the powerful but incomplete standard of HTML5 and the future of Flash is grim at best despite being a powerful and useful presentation tool. New devices arrive on the market every week and consumers are consuming more media and information than every before.

In this class you will be learning how to present news, information and stories in interactive and intuitive ways. In addition to learning the fundamentals of standard based HTML and CSS development you will also learn how to best present stories in multiple mediums on numerous devices and platforms.

This class is hands-on and quite intensive with a focus on strong interactive design, basic development skills and the most important skill of problem solving. We will also discuss the latest and emerging technologies as well as important political  issues as they arise.

I look forward to learning with you as we learn together.


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