Undercurrent360, Panama

Using 360 video and interactive graphics, students learned how to shoot, edit and produce interactive VR stories from a small island in Panama. The project was published in Spring 2016 on undercurrent360.org.

Raising the Score, Malawi

Working with the CARE International organization, I co-led a team of 26 students, five coaches and 20 national partners to produce international stories about maternal health in Malawi. The $80,000 project was funded by CARE International and the stories were published on raisingthescore.org in May 2015.

Living Galapagos, Galapagos Islands

Students experienced a different culture and unique ecological place to learn how to tell scientific stories about the conflict as people struggle to live and protect nature. The work was published on LivingGalapagos.org. This project was co-taught with Patrick Davidson and published in Summer 2008, Spring 2010 and Spring 2012.