Thailand: Media engagement workshop for the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand

Partnering with the UNC Institute for Defence and Business, I designed, hosted and taught a week-long workshop for the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission of Thailand to train local and national broadcasters how to use media to decrease the violence that is part of the Islamic insurgency and separatist movement. The course taught community engagement tactics and human-centered design techniques using broadcasting and social media to solve difficult social issues in the dangerous southern-most states in Thailand. Summer 2015 and 2017.

European Union Faculty Exchange Program: Madrid, Spain

At the invitation of the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain, I presented lectures and worked directly with faculty on leveraging emerging technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality for narrative storytelling in their classrooms and in the media industry. The experience was part of the European Union’s Faculty Exchange Program, Summer 2017.

Communications University of China: Beijing

At the invitation of the largest and most respected communications school in China, I developed a workshop where students learned to find, document and present stories using photos, video and text and publish them online during Summer 2013.