Interactive Media Projects

FilmSync is a synchronized second-screen app for viewers to access while watching movies, documentary films, news video, live presentations and other linear experiences. FilmSync delivers an audience engagement experience in sync with the story, allowing viewers to passively or actively consume additional, unique content as the story progresses, making movie-watching a more interactive experience.

Innovations:Asynchronous contextual content
Technologies:Object-C, Java, HTML/CSS/JS, Digital Watermarking

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Data visualization site used for decision-making at the request of the Minister of Information in Liberia during the Ebola crisis in 2014-15. The project was used to brief the president of Liberia daily and for tracking the spread of the disease.

Innovations:Asynchronous contextual content
Technologies:Object-C, Java, HTML/CSS/JS, Digital Watermarking

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The interactive documentary project showcases and explains the innovative CARE Community Score Card which enables governments to provide better services to communities. The project was presented in a public screening attended by CARE executives, university donors, program and journalism school supporters, students and parents as well as through an interactive website. All work created by students.

Innovations:Drone Video Storytelling
Technologies: Wordporess, HTML/CSS/JS

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An online issue magazine and interactive experience that documents the issues and conflicts of man trying to live in this island environment. All work created by students.

Innovations: Full Screen Responsive Video BG
Technologies: Django, HTML/CSS/JS

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Non-touch Gesture Interface Projects

Scientific disseration researching the use of non-touch gesture interfaces for consuming news and social media information.

The technology uses a gaming gesture sensor to consume and interact with news and social media. This was a collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab team working on the DepthJS library. The concepts, research and a version of the technology was implemented by The New York Times in 2013 as the first gesture-controlled news app. Due to the hardware necessary to navigate the site, this project is not linked but can be demonstrated for the committee.

Innovations:Gesture and browser interactivity through Kinect
Technologies:LeapMotion, JavaScript, UX and UI Design
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3-D, Non-touch Gesture Interface for Washington Post

A non-touch gesture interface for controlling 3-D models and 360-degree video. The application provides additional information about the renovation through motion tracking and was presented live at the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner to media executives, high-ranking government officials, celebrities and journalists. Innovations:Gesture and browser interactivity through Leap Motion
Technologies:3-D, LeapMotion, JavaScript, UX and UI Design

University Service

onField inField seeks to change the NCAA full-time student required number of hours from 12 to 6 during the season and 9 during the off-season to enable students-athletes to be successful both on the field and in their chosen field of study. Scholarship players would be given additional time and support to complete their degree.

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Novel: Life in Translation

A mystrious book travels across countries, culters and generations causing unexplained changes in everyone that reads it.

Status: Editing for publication

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